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Note that this version of the visualizations only provides anonymized data, meaning that some functionality may be limited or missing.


Sprint Report

Customizable report generator which provides a summary of relevant metrics from the recent sprints of multiple projects.


A classification and risk analysis of the latest sprint.


A timeline of sprints for each project, with events that happened during that sprint. Several sprints can be selected to compare them.


Project statistics are assigned a score and displayed as a leaderboard, similar to GitLab's Conversational Development Index.

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Collaboration Graph

Collaboration between team members on projects, displayed in a network. With a time-lapse mode the growth over time can be displayed.

Process Flow

Overview of the software development process stages. Stories are aggregated in different states, indicating bottlenecks and main streams.

Heat Map

Project activity over time in a calendar view. Additionally files which are changed after a long time are displayed.

BigBoat Status

Historical overview of availability of the BigBoat dashboard. Aggregated reliability and a breakdown of scores is shown.